Listed Buildings and the Problem With Restoring Them

Buildings and design are all around us and we frequently don’t notice. From art deco office cubes, churches, cathedrals, town halls and guildhalls there are certain to be some stunning and intriguing buildings close to you building restoration . Unlike newer nations, Britain has a history, which has meant that many different building designs and building methods are utilized to make buildings of all sizes and shapes. As a country we wish to conserve and protect these buildings to be able to continue to the eras in our history.

At the uk legislation are set up to safeguard buildings and other constructions which have been officially recognized as being of special historic, cultural or architectural importance. These structures are called listed buildings and there are approximately half a million in the united kingdom. A listed building can’t be knocked down, either altered or extended in anyway with the consent of local planning authority, so as to safeguard such areas of interest.

There are 3 Kinds of listed buildings in the United Kingdom, Grade I, Grade II* and Grade II. Grade I listed buildings are of architectural or historic interest, Grade II* are buildings of greater than local interest, whereas Grade II are of special architectural or historical interest. Individuals who have buildings may get into trouble with the law if they don’t keep and restore buildings. Because of this a lot of men and women are being invited to seek the services of recorded building restoration businesses. These pro builders who concentrate on recorded building restoration utilize materials and the techniques used when the building was built.