Rhinebeck Custom Cycle Show
Saturday, 12:00 - 5:00 pm

Got a Period  style bobber, chopper or custom machine?
Need some bread in your pocket?
Well, get it to Rhinebeck Custom Cycle Show and you may win some!
$2000 in prize money to be given away!
We are looking for 40's and 50's bob jobs and cut downs, 
60's style choppers and customs, 
70's long bikes and diggers!
Machines must be pre 1976,  OEM cases and must be painted.
Also, we encourage 60's style show bike displays!
All bikes will be hand picked for the show.
Please email Info and photos of your cycle to:


Antique Restoration Technical Seminar
Dan Henke & guest speakers

Friday at 1:00 pm

To find out more about the Meet, make sure you look through the pages of our web site. They will provide you with more details of what is going on during this 2 DAY SHOW, as well as information on the organizations that will be featured here at Rhinebeck.

This will surely turn out to be one of the largest antique events in the Country for 2018!
Remember to tell your friends to check out
 www.therhinebeckmeet.com for all the latest information and updates, hope to see you there!