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Frequently Asked Questions

Q. What is the Antique Motorcycle Club?
A. The Antique Motorcycle Club of America Inc. is a non-profit organization composed of a group of persons interested in antique motorcycles.

Q. Is ownership of an antique motorcycle required to join?
A. No, the Antique Motorcycle Club is open to anyone with an interest in antique motorcycles. Ownership of an antique bike is not required.

Q. What is the cost of membership?
A. The yearly cost is $40.00 for persons living in the U.S.   For Canadian, Mexican and International members, the yearly rate is $55.00.

Q. What do I receive when I join?
A. You will receive a membership card and our national club magazine The Antique Motorcycle. An 88-page full color quarterly magazine, it contains general interest stories on antique motorcycles, restoration articles, technical tips, and a free classified ad section open to all members. Also as a member you have the right to participate in all club activities such as National Meets and Road Rides, plus vend at local and national meets.

Q. How does the club define Antique?
A. The club defines “antique” as any motorcycle 35 years old or older. To participate in national meet judging and road rides a machine must be 35 years old. But again ownership is not required to join the club.

Q. When was the club formed?
A. The club was founded in 1954 by a group of interested motorcycle owners. It now has a worldwide membership of over 10,800.
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Q. What is the object of the Antique Motorcycle Club?
A. The primary object of the AMCA is to encourage the seeking-out, restoration, preservation and exhibit of antique motorcycles of all kinds regardless of country of origin.

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